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We are fortunate as Catholics to be able to rejoice in the Communion of the Saints. We have as our companions, mentors and intercessors the entire body of the elect who have gone before us into the Eternal City of God. Here you will be reminded of and reunited with friends who will be with you faithfully always and who long for you to grow in union with the Lord and to one day join with them in the enjoyment of the Beatific Vision.

Here you will find information to introduce you to Catholic saints you may not know, reacquaint you with those you may have forgotten simply rejoice to spend a few moments in recollection with them, in their holy and loving company. We will have a growing and changing gallery of saints, and new material appropriate to the season, so check back with us often. Please visit our Today's Saint page.


To help you with your devotions, we are building an index of Catholic saints for all the days of the year.
Here is a saint chosen at random....
The saint for February 18
St. Theotonius
Augustinian Canons Regular

Born in Ganfey Portugal 1086
Died 1166, at age 80

First Portuguese saint
Founded the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross in Coimbra
and was the first prior there.   This Stith is famous
because the great St. Anthony of Padua began
his life in religion there.
fearless and talented preacher he once told the Portuguese
Queen, upon her request to shorten the Mass so that she
could attend to business, that he served a far greater
sovereign than she, the Mass would remain as it should be
and she could come or go as she liked.
St. Theotonius was held in very high esteem by St. Bernard
of Clairveaux for his holiness
Patron: Coimbra Portugal
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