Prayed on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year; and on Sundays during lent. The sorrowful mysteries may be prayed daily from Ash Wednesday until Easter, if desired.

The Holy Face

Agony in the Garden

Imagine the lonliness and mental agony of Jesus in the olive grove. Gripped by anguish and fear, He prays that some other way be found, if possible. See His sadness at the fact that those who know Him best cannot watch with Him one hour, in His time of need. Reflect that in His moments of deepest fear and anguish on earth, still He turns to the Father and submits perfectly to His will.

Possible Intentions:

  • To obtain the grace of true repentance for sin, or compunction
  • To keep watch with Christ
  • For greater faithfulness in prayer
  • For submission to the will of the Father, especially in difficult times or situations
  • For acceptance of the death that God has willed for us
  • For those agonizing over difficult moral choices
  • For those alone in their time of suffering

The Agony in the Garden

The Scourging at the Pillar

Reflect on the physical pain and suffering that Jesus underwent for you. Imagine Him stripped and tied like an animal to a post, beaten with the cruel barbed scourge.

Possible Intentions:

  • To offer reparations for our sins and those of others
  • To adore His Precious Blood
  • For grace and strength to practice self-denial
  • To obtain the grace of desire for mortification
  • To obtain acceptance of suffering
  • For victims of abuse and torture

The Scourging--St. Teresa of Jesus Devotional Statue

The Crowning With Thorns

Imagine the cruel crown of sharp thorns that was forced upon our Lord's Brow, the patience with which He endured the terrible pain and His submission to the taunts, blows and spittle of His tormentors. All this He endured especially for you, to redeem you from the deadly results of your miserable sins. Reflect on His courage and the depth of His love.

Possible Intentions:

  • For the grace to suffer humiliation in meekness
  • For the further grace to desire it
  • To obtain moral courage
  • To atone for our many betrayals of His love
  • To adore His Holy Face
  • For victims of cruel humiliation and torment

Jesus is Crowned With Thorns

The Carrying of the Cross Imagine the weight of the heavy Cross grinding relentlessly against Our Lord's tender shoulder, the brutal pain He felt as He staggered and fell to the ground, the awful effort of rising again. The great pain and terrible struggles of His last walk he carried out so willingly for you, filled with love and longing that pushed Him past His pain.

Possible Intentions:

  • To obtain the Virtue of Patience
  • To ask for help in carrying our cross
  • To beg for the grace to desire this cross
  • To offer ourselves as Victims of Love for our Beloved
  • For the grace of dying to self in the service of others
  • To adore the wound in the left shoulder of Our Lord
  • For those who struggle with suffering, alone and burdened

Via Dolarosa

The Crucifixion

Imagine the horror of the crude spikes callously hammered through Our Lord's wrists and feet, blinding and sickening him with pain, the terrible jarring as the cross in raised into place, and the endless agony of slow suffocation. Each tortured breath, gained at the cost of the searing pain of forcing his body upward, He offered to His Father for you. At last, it is finished.

Possible Intentions:

  • For the grace of Final Perserverance
  • For the great grace of trusting God in the darkness of our lives
  • To offer ourselves as Victims of Love for our Beloved
  • For the crown of martyrdom, in whatever form it may take
  • To adore His Five Precious Wounds
  • For all those faced with suffering and death in the service of God

The Crucifixion
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