The saint for February 13
Blessed Christine of Spoleto
Optional Memorial
Augustinian Calendar

Born 1435 as Agostina Camozzi
Died 1458
Cultus Confirmed 1834

Agostina was the daughter of a prominent doctor, who
married very young. Her new husband, a stone cutter,
died shortly after the marriage.

Then Agostina took up with a soldier, living with him
without marriage. She bore him a son, but he died at
a young age.

Poor Agostina married again, but this man was killed
by a rival for her affections, in a fit of jealousy.

Seeing the downward spiral of her life, Agostina
awakened to spiritual reality, and decided to reform.
She became an Augustinian Tertiary and changed her
name to Chistina, as a sign of the
central place Christ now had for her.

Full of remorse for her youthful sins, Christina
began to live a life of severe penances, which may,
as a consequence, shortened the span of her years

She settled in Spoleto, at the Augustinian monastery
there, and became renowned for her life of prayer,
works of mercy and penance. She was known as
as a person of great holiness, one for whom God worked

Christina decided to make a pilgrimage to the Holy
Land, but took ill even before she could leave the
confines of the city. She died there on the 13th of
February, 1458.

Invoke for: wayward youth, conversion, unwed mothers
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