The saint for February 23
Saint Dositheus of Gaza
Roman Calendar

Died 530
Canonized Pre Congregation

Dositheus was a rich, young and worldly pagan when he made a fateful trip to Jerusalem, inspired mostly by curiousity.   There he experienced moving reports of christians, saw a horrific depiction of hell, and, in some acta, was the recipient of a vision of a heavenly woman.   He converted to christianity, and immediately sought out a monastery to enter, in nearby Gaza.

The abbot assigned him an experienced director, the monk Dorotheus, who taught him the wisdom of renouncing his own will in all things.   After a period of struggle with shifts in fervor, by applying himself faithfully to the admonishments of his director and perservering in prayer and fasting, Dositheus relinquished his will totally, so that only the will of his Lord ruled his heart.

When he was ready, after about five years had elapsed, he was given the duty of caring for the sick, a duty he fulfilled with great love and devotion.   It was said that the very sight of him caused his patients to rally and filled them with peace.

Dositheus himself fell ill, with a lung disease, possible tuberculosis. &  He continued throughout to delight in the will of the Lord, and to suffer with great patience and tranquility.  His director said on the occasion of his death that he had surpassed the rest in virtue, without the practice of extraordinary austerity, because of his perfect embrace of God's will.
Patron: Health Care Workers, All Who Care For The Sick
Pray to for: Patience, Sweetness, Inner Conversion
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