The saint for February 25
Blessed Domenico Lentini
Optional Memorial
Local, Italy

Born November 20, 1770
Died November 25, 1828
Beatified October 12, 1997
Canonization Pending

Domenico was the youngest of 5 children in a poor but deeply religious family, of Lauria, Potenza, Italy. He was a devout youth with a deep devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, in whose presence he would spend long hours in prayer. He experienced his call to the diocesan priesthood at the early age of 14, and was ordained in 1794.

Domenico was assigned to his hometown of Lauria, so essentially he lived and died in the place of his birth, except for his stint at the seminary. Blessed Domenico Lentini shone for example of the lived Gospel. He voluntarily accepted a very simple life, giving of his very substance freely to the poor, whom he loved. His deep devotion to the Eucharist was matched by his devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. He was a gifted homilist, and especially his Lenten homilies brought the hearts of many to conversion. ( I can't help but notice that I write this on Ash Wednesday, and usually I have a hard time choosing which saint for the day, but Blessed Domenico showed up immediately! I think Mary had a hand in this; she so dotes upon her devoted children!)

He also had a deep love of learning, and opened up his home to teach others theology and philosophy, combining his love of the Church and christian culture with his love of his parishioners, to whom he gave his all.

He died in 1828 after being ill with meningitis, in the odor of sanctity.

He was acclaimed in his locality as a saint even during his lifetime, and several miracles have been attributed to him by the faithful, including one in Lauria which included an indication by an apparition of the Virgin Mary that the supplicant should pray for help through the intervention of a "venerable and devoted Priest" whom she was shown in a vision. The prayed for healing was miraculousely granted. Later upon seeing a picture of Blessed Domenico, the seer exclaimed, "It is he!"
Patron of: The Poor, Those Devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows, Diocesan Priests
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