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Mother Angela of the Cross
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Roman Calendar

Born January 30, 1846, Seville, Spain
Died March 2, Seville Spain
Canonized May 4, 1982 at Seville, Spain

Angela was born into a poor family, one of fourteen children.  She left school to work in a shoe factory at the age of twelve to help support her family.   Her employer was so impressed with her obvious piety that he brought her to the attention of a local priest who became her spiritual director and guided her in her discernment of a religious vocation.

Angela's desire was strong, but her path to religious life was long and difficult.   She was first turned away by the Carmelites, and when she was later accepted by them, she took so ill that she was forced to return home.  Then she tried the Daughters of Charity, but with the same result.   Finally, she devised a plan, with the blessing of her spiritual director, to live at home under a Rule of life and a yearly renewable vow.  About a year after this whe received a vision which showed her what she was to do, which was to found a Congregation to work with the poor.  In 1875 the Congregation of the Cross was born.  The Congregation worked with the poor and marginalized, subsidizing them with alms, helping them to find work and shelter and assisting them in every possible way, while living in poverty themselves.

Mother Angela was known for her simplicity and naturalness, humility and piety.
Patroness: Poor, Seville Spain
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