The saint for March 06
Saint Colette
Opt. Memorial--Roman Calendar
Memorial--Franciscan, Feast--Colettine Poor Clares

Born January 13th, 1381
Died March 6, 1447
Canonized 1897

St. Colette, christened Nicolette, was born to elderly parents in Corbie, France. She was orphaned as a teenager, and left in the care of a religious guardian, who hope to help her make a good marriage. Instead, Nicollette experienced a deep longing to dedicate her life entirely to God and made her first attempts to follow this path by becoming a Beguine (lay women who lived in communities and served the poor). She felt, however, that their life was not sufficiently austere, and decided to pursue life as an anchoress.

Accordingly, she had herself walled into a cell adjoining Corbie Abbey, in Picardy. After eight years as a hermitess, she experienced a vision in which St. Francis told her to restore the rule of St. Clare, to its original austerity. Doubtful of her vision, she delayed, and was struck blind for three days, followed by three days mute.

Convinced, she set out on the course which was to define the rest of her life. She obtained the blessing of the French schismatic pope, Peter de Luna (this was a time of turmoil for the Church, and Peter de Luna was accepted as Pope in France) but was to endure much resistance before her efforts met with any acceptance in the Franciscan communities to which she traveled.

Eventually, she was reponsible for the foundation of several convents, the acceptance of the stricter rule in many others, and even played a part in healing the schisms in the deeply divided Church of her time.

St. Colette was given the gift of miracles, once even raising a dead nun to life. She was deeply contemplative, and received many gifts and favors from God, including visible ecstacies.

In addition to her patronages, one might pray for St. Colette's intercession regarding animals, since she was very tender toward them in life.

Patroness of Orphans, Colettine religious, Corbie France
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