The saint for March 10
St Dominic Savio
Optional Memorial
Local Calendar, Roman

Born: April 2nd, 1842
Died: March 9, 1857
Canonized: June 12, 1954

Dominic Savio was born into a large working class family in Riva di Chieri, Italy. He demonstrated a deep interest in God at an early age. Once when his mother went to look for her four year old son, she found him off in a corner, kneeling with bowed head and folded hand, reciting his prayers, which he had already perfectly memorized. He longed to be an altar server, and began assisting at Holy Mass when he was just five years old.

He began attending the school run by Saint John Bosco, where he was known for his holiness, but was also popular as a friend.  He was ever the peacemaker, once settling a fight between two boys who had resolved to fight by throwing rocks at each other.  Dominic had learned about the fight beforehand, but decided not to tell the teachers, since he knew this would just postpone the fight, not stop it.  Instead, he told the boys that he would help them set up the fight, and even helped the two to pile up rocks.  When all was in readiness, Dominic stepped in between them and held up a small crucifix.  He told the boys that they should consider how their fighting would injure Christ who died for them, especially since they were so willing to hurt each other over so small a matter.  However, if they were sure they wanted to continue, okay, but he wanted them to throw thfirst stone at him.  When the boys protested that he had done nothing to injure them, Dominic explained that none was so innocent as Christ, whom they were so willing to hurt.  Shameface, the boys crept away.

On another occasion, Dominic took the blame when a couple of other boys stuffed the woodstove full of garbage and pinned it on him.  When he was asked why he did not defend himself, Dominic's reply was that Christ had suffered in silence, and so, he desired to as well.  His zeal to follow Christ and to suffer for him was such that St. John Bosco had to forbid him from physical mortifications, lest he injure himself.

Dominic was good at sports, and popular as well.  Despite his holiness he was a very normal boy; he worried that the others would think him too holy and make fun of him.  But he never let that hold him back

He desired strongly to be a priest, but his frail health brought him to heaven before he could fulfill that particular dream.  Dominic died of tuberculosis when he was just fifteen.  His last words were:  "I see such lovely things!"

Patron of Choirboys, the Falsely Accused
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