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Saint Seraphina
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Born c. 1238, San Geminiano, Tuscany
Died March 12, 1253 San Geminiano, Tuscany
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Seraphina was born into a poor family, whose fortunes went from bad to worse. Though they had little Seraphina, or Fina as whe was affectionately called, was generaous to all in need, sharing from their little means. When Fina was quite young, her father died, and the child was stricken with a strange disease. She became paralyzed and had to be carried about on a makeshift board pallet. Her mother could not attend her well, as she had to go out to do what odd jobs she could find or to beg for scraps when there was no work.

Little Fina realized she was being called to unite her sufferings with those of Christ. She offered her neglect, the festering bedsores on her body, her immobility, constant pain and mortification all to the Lord. As well as she could she strove to follow the Rule of St. Benedict. She learned of St Gregory the Great and greatly admired this saint, striving to emulate him in his patient endurance of suffering.

Shortly, her mother died as well, and Seraphina was truly alone, except for her Lord. Constant neglect caused her to decline. She could not attend to her simplest bodily needs, and almost all shunned her because of her sores and stench. One godly neighbor did not abandon her

Early in March she had a vision in which Pope St. Gregory the Great appeared to her and told her that on his feast day--which was then March 12th--she would obtain her rest and her reward. Fina died on the Feast of St Gregory, March 12th

Pray to Saint Seraphina for the patience to endure our daily sufferings, and unite them to the Cross of Christ
Patroness of the Sick, Para lyzed, Deformed, Spinners
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