The saint for March 13
Saint Euphrasia
Optional Memorial,Local Only
Roman Calendar

Born 380
Died 410

St. Euphrasia was a Roman citizen, born into a noble and pious family, during the reign of the emperor Theodosius. Her father died when she was very young, and her saintly mother then went into Egypt with her daughter to dwell near a large monastery and practice desert asceticism. Her mother's holiness so drew the little girl that at the age of seven she declared to her mother that she wanted very much to become a nun and to enter a nearby monastery. Her mother was overjoyed at this, wanting nothing so much as to see her daughter dedicated to God.

Only a few years later, when Euphrasia was about 12, her mother died peacefully. Since Euphrasia was a Roman citizen, and her family much esteemed by the emperor, Theodosius called her back to Rome so that he could ensure that she was safely wed. However, Euphrasia bravely told him that she had given herself to God, and would prefer that he sell off all of her lands and estate and distribute the proceeds to the poor. Theodosius complied with her wishes, and the young saint returned to her desert monastery.

Euphrasia was devout and humble natured, but she suffered from occasional bouts of temptations. She subjected herself obediently to her prioress, who would prescribe manual labor and prayer. Euphrasia perservered in pursuing God and resisting temptation and attained holiness. She is said to have had a gift of miracles and healing.

Pray to for help in withstanding temptation
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