The saint for March 16
Bl. John Amias & Bl. Robert Dalby
Local Only
Roman Calendar, esp. in Great Britain

Blessed John Amias
Born at Wakefield, West Riding, England
Died March 16, 1589 at Tyburne Gallows, York, England
Beatified 1929
Canonization Pending

John Anne was a married cloth merchant from Wakefield, England. When his wife died in the 1570's, he sold his business and possessions, and distributed the proceeds to his children. Then he left for the continent to enter the seminary in Reims, France. He was ordained in 1581 and returned to his homeland, as to a foreign mission.

Like many of those men who became priests during this perod, he assumed an alias to protect his family, becoming known as John Amias. We don't know much about him, other than the obvious fact that he loved his faith enough to take tremendous risks for it, and ultimately to give his life. From 1581 until sometime in late 1588 or early 1589, he served as an underground priest. He was arrested at the home of a Mr. Murton, and charged with the crime of "priesthood".

He was martyred on the Tyburn Gallows Tree along with Blessed Robert Dalby on March 16th, 1589. It was said that he went to his death "merrily, as to a feaste".

Blessed Robert Dalby
Born in Yorkshire, England
Died March 16, 1589 at Tyburn Gallows, York, England
Beatified 1929
Canonization Pending

We know very little about Blessed Robert Dalby, as well. He was a protestant minister who converted to Catholicism, at a very dangerous time to do so. Upon his conversion he traveled to France to study for the priesthood at Douai. After his ordination in 1588, just one short year before his martyrdom, he returned home as a missionary to Catholics underground. He was arrested for the crime of being a priest, and was hung, drqawn and quartered alongside Blessed John Amias.

Pray to Blessed John Amias and Blessed Robert Dalby for
the Courage to Remain Faithful Amidst Persecution
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