The saint for March 31
Blessed Jane of Toulouse
Optional Memorial--Local Only
Roman Calendar

Born early 13th century, Toulouse, France
Died 1286
Cultus confirmed 1895

It is said in certain of Blessed Jane's acta that she received the veil from Saint Simon Stock. In these versions, when St. Simon was visiting the Carmelite community in Toulouse in 1265, he was approached by Jane to join the Carmelite community as a lay associate, which Saint Simon permitted. Blessed Jane continued to live in her home, while following the rule of Saint Albert.

In other sources, however, it is said that she was in fact an anchoress, attached to a Carmelite church. While some regard her as the first Carmelite tertiary, it might then be more accurate to say that she was a Carmelite associate. It is worth noting that she does not appear in the Carmelite proper.

Although we can see that very little reliable information about her has survived, we do know that she was always regarded as a very holy woman; pious, gentle, compassionate and dedicated to her work with the poor and outcast.

Pray to Blessed Jane for Singlehearted Devotion to God
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