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Blessed Nuno Alvarez Pereira, O Carm.
O. Carm--Memorial, OCD--Opt. Memorial
Roman Calendar

Born 1360 at Bom Jardim near Lisbon, Portugal
Died 1431 at the Carmelite Monastery of Lisbon, Portugal
Beatified 1918

Bl. Nuno was born into a high-ranking Portuguese family, and aspired to a military career, a wife and family. We was talented, impetuous and brave; these qualities brought him to the attention of the future King John I of Portugal, who made him commander of the Portuguese forces at the young age of 23. Nuno was a key figure in the Portuguese struggle for independence from Spain, and is today still a national hero.

In 1423, after the death of his wife, Nuno left all of his honors and success in the world and entered the Carmelite Monastery at Lisbon as a simple monk, taking the name of Nuno de Santa Maria. A simple anecdote sheds much light on Blessed Nuno's humility: At the same monastery was a priest who had been, in the world, a soldier who served under Nuno's command. Whenever Nuno would meet him in the hallway he would kiss the mantle of the priest as a sign of respect for his dignity.

Blessed Nuno was known for his life of prayer, his practice of penance, and the great filial love he had for the Blessed Virgin. He was instrumental is fostering the spread of her devotion in Portugal, through propagating the Rosary and Scapular devotions. When he realized that he was near death, he requested that the Passion Narrative from the Gospel of St. John be read to him. He entered into eternal life as the lector pronounced the words of Jesus from the Cross: "Ecce Mater Tua." (Behold Thy Mother).

He was interred within the Monastery.  Sadly his tomb was lost in an earthquake in 1755

Pray to Blessed Nuno for Courage and Piety
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