The saint for April 06
St. Juliana of Cornillon
Optional Memorial--Local Only--Roman
Optional Memorial--August 7--Augustinian Calendar

Born 1192 at Flanders, Belgium
Died April 5, 1258 at Villiers
Beatified (confirmation of cult) 1869

Blessed Juliana was raised by the nuns at the convent of Cornillon, where the nuns lived in common without vows, and became a nun there at an early age. She developed a deep love for the Blessed Sacramemt and spent much time in prayer. She began to be favored with visions, among other things of a bright white disk bisected by a black band, which she was given to know represented a break in the liturgical cycle of the Church. Gradually she became aware that she was to promote a feast of the Blesseed Sacrament, which did not exist at that time.

When she was elected prioress in 1225 she led her sisters to embrace the full common life and rule of Augustinian canonesses. This decision brought about some strife and division in the community, which would cause Juliana some difficulties. She was finally able, however, to act on her dream of promoting a feast for the Blessed Sacrament, and enlisted the aid of various friends and supporters. Those opposed to her, however, spread about the lie that she was embezzling funds to promote her efforts. She was forced to flee her monastery.

At this point the Bishop of Liege intervened, reinstating Juliana and introducing. the feast in the area. However, this victory was short-lived, as the bishop died later that same year, and Juliana was once more forced to flee. She spent the rest of her life in exile at Namur and at Fosses. Her faithfulness to God's prompting bore fruit however, as friends of her cause continued to promote the feast, and it was first adopted by the Universal Church in 1264, and made mandatory in 1312, as the Feast of Corpus Christi.
Pray to St. Juliana to Foster Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament
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