The saint for April 28
St. Gianna Molla
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Gianna was the tenth of thirteen children born to Alberto and Maria Beretta,who raised their children to be holy; two brothers became priests, a sister became a nun. Gianna went to college to study medicine, and while she was there she worked with the poor and elderly, joineing the St. Vincent de Paul Society. She became a physician and surgeon, graduating from the University of Pavia in 1949, and started a clinic in Mero, Italy in 1950. Gianna returned to school so study, desiring to work especially with mothers, babies, the elderly, and the poor. She considered a religious vocation, but felt called to the married state, and was married to Pietro Molla on the 24th of September, 1952.

Gianna combined motherhood and career, nurturing three children while continuing to exercise her medical gifts for the glory of God. During her pregnancy with her fourth child, she was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst. Her surgeon recommended an abortion in order to save Gianna's life; she refused and died a week after childbirth, giving her life for the life of her child, and entrusting herself to God's Providence. Today her child is herself a doctor, involved in the pro-life movement.

Gianna was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 16th,2004
Pray to St. Gianna for Pregnant Mothers, Unborn Children, Heroic Charity
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