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Clement Sheptytsky
Bishop and Martyr
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Clement Sheptytsky  was born on 17 November 1869, in the village of Prylbychi, in theLviv Region of the Ukraine. He did not pursue a religious vocation until 1911, when at the age of 40, he entered the monastery of St Theodore the Studite--leaving behind all of his promising worldly prospects. He pursued studies in theology in  Austria, while proparing for the priesthood, to which he was ordained on August 28th, 1915.  For a long time he was the Hegumenos (Prior) of the Studite monastery at Univ, and became the Archimandrite (Abbot) in 1944. During World War II, he risked his life by giving refuge to persecuted Jews. On 5 June 1947, he was arrested by the KGB agents and sentenced to eight years of hard labour in the prison at Vladimir. His health destroyed by the mistreatments he endured, and the harsh prison life, he died on May 1st, 1951, a martyr for his faith.
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