The saint for May 20
St. Bernardine of Sienna
Optional Memorial
Roman Calendar

Born 1380 in Italy
Died 1444 at Aquila, Italy

Franciscan Friar and Priest, St Bernardine was a renowned orator and preacher,the greatest of his time, whose impassioned speeches drew great crowds. He was a great peacemaker and concilator between factions, and held great public reconciations. St. Bernardine was a great promoter of devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, and is often depicted holding a plaque inscribed with IHS, the first three letters of the Greek form of the Savior's name. He would often speak holding such a plaque, and would inspire his listeners to copy it and inscribe it in their homes and public buildings. He was also tirelessly devoted to the Blessed Mother, especially in her role as dispenser of the graces earned for us by her Son. He was for 12 years, from 1430 to 1442, the vicar general of the Friars Minor, and the order flourished under his guidance.

Patron of-- Communicators, Advertisers. Invoke against compulsive gambling, respiratory disorders
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