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St. Swithun
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Born c. 800 at Wessex, England
Died July 2, 862

St. Swithin was raised to the religious life, having his early home in an abbey.  He was ordained to the priesthood and became a Bishop, appointed in 852 by King Aethelwulf.  He was known as a holy and compassionate man, as well as an able administrator.  He was Swithun well known for the simplicity of his life and his avoidance of pomp--to the extent it is recorded that he travelled at night to avoid attracting attention to himself.  He had a great love for and understnading of the common folk and their concerns.  One story told about him relates that he was abroad in a market day crowd when a poor woman nearby was pushed and dropped her basket of eggs.  St Swithun blessed the broken shells and the eggs were made whole again.

Many miracles were attributed to his relics, which sadly were destroyed during the reformation.

Patron of : Drought Relief, Winchester England,Stavenger England. Pray to St. Swithun for your Daily concerns.
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