The saint for September 01
St Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart, OCD
Optional Memorial
Carmelite Calendar--OCD

Teresa Margaret was born in Arezzo in Tuscany in 1747 of the noble Redi family, and entered the Discalced Carmelites at Florence on September 1, 1764, at the age of 17.  She was especially beloved by her father, who found it hard to give her up, but fully cooperated with the grace that God was sending his family.

She desired ardently to belong completely to Jesus, "despite all repugnance".  She experienced a special contemplative gift, an interior revelation of the deep truth that "God is love." Shedesired to live completely hidden in her vocation of love and self-giving. St. Teresa Margaret was soon consumed by the fire of her divine love: she died in 1770, aged twenty-three.

Sr. Teresa Margaret was felled, apparently, by an intestinal hernia which caused her a rapid and painful death.  Upon death, her body began to darken and show signs of corruption almost immediately, so much so that the prioress was alarmed into calling for a hastening of the burial.
However, after Sr. Teresa was wrapped in her choir mantle, and her bier was carried down to the vault, all present began to observe that normal color was beginning to return to her face.  At this, proceedings were stopped and the Bishop was sent for.  By the time of his arrival, Sr. Teresa Margaret appeared as fresh and lovely as she had in life.  Here is the remark of the Bishop:

"Extraordinary! Indeed, it is a miracle to see a body completely flexible after death, the eyes those of a living person, the complexion that of one in the best of health. Why, even the soles of her feet appear so lifelike that she might have been walking about a few minutes ago. She appears to be asleep. There is no odor of decay, but on the contrary a most delightful fragrance. Indeed, it is the odor of sanctity."

At the present time, St. Teresa Margaret Redi's body is on display in a glass coffin, and although darkened by age, is nonetheless perfectly preserved from corruption.

Pray to St. Teresa Margaret Redi for the grace of lifing a life truly hidden in Christ
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