The saint for November 12
Bl Alice Kotowska, C R
Roman, Actually on November 11

Born in Warsaw, Poland, on November 20, 1899, as Mary Jadwiga Kotowska.
Died November 11th, 1939, martyred by a German firing squad
Beatified June 13th, 1999, by Pope John Paul II.

Early in her life, at age 18, she served in the Polish army, and later studied medicine. At the age of 22 she felt the decisive call to religious life and joined the Congregation of the Resurrection, a teaching order, Taking the name of Sr. Alice. Sr. Alice was very devoted to the Eucharist and Eucharistic adoration, believing that prayer was the fundamental support for the order's teaching work.

When Poland was invaded by the Germans in 1939, one of the first steps taken by the conquerors was to sort out possible resistance leaders. Sr. Alice was singled out by virtue of the fact that she had been associated with the army, and was now a nurse and teacher. This made her a potential leader, and a threat, in their eyes.

Although forwarned that the Gestapo was coming for her, Sister Alice refused to flee, fearing that it would place her whole community in danger. On October 24, 1939, the Gestapo came for her at the convent, while the sisters were at prayer in the chapel. She calmly went with them and was taken to prison where she was kept until November 11, 1939.

On that day, the waiting prisoners were lined up outside the jail and ordered into waiting trucks, which were to take them to the site of their execution. The victims included several Jewish children, Polish men and women, and Sister Kotowska.

Most of the accused were terribly afraid, but Sister Kotowska was calm and peaceful, which had a calming effect on the others. When the order was given to climb into the trucks, Sister went to the Jewish children. She comforted them and,taking a child by the hand, calmly climbed into the truck. The prisoners were taken to a forest near Piasnicy, a few miles away. There,the prisoners were forced to dig shallow graves for themselves, after which their executioners shot and buried them all.
Later on, the Gestapo returned to the site, dug up all these remains and burned them. At one gravesite there was found a piece of black rosary such as the Sisters of the Resurrection wear.
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